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Specific Courses

The IRTG CRC 958 specific courses are:

The colloquium features scientific lectures from project leaders as well as lectures by guest speakers and visiting scientists hosted by the CRC 958. Students are encouraged to suggest guest speakers or visiting scientists. Lectures  also provide insights into current methodology or experimental model systems as well as recent technical advances in the relevant fields.

Due to the Corona pandemic, we held a series of online networking meetings. These have replaced the colloquia for doctoral students.

Special support / program for female researchers

The SFB 958 gives financial support to female researchers for conferences or other research connected travel and for special courses.

On December, 12 + 13, 2017, we had a special course for female researchers (later state PhD students and young postdocs)  which had this program.

The SFB 958 is supporting the I, Scientist conference 2019.

In January 2020 our female doctoral candidates could focus on communication and positioning. The details can be found here.

If you are interested in the theme or need information on gender equality or family support, please contact our coordinator Sandra Keiper via email.