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Integrated Research Training Group

Participants of the SFB 958 Summer School 2015

Participants of the SFB 958 Summer School 2015
Image Credit: Clemens Langner

The integrated Research Training Group (RTG) provides a platform for structured and complementary training of all PhD students within the SFB. The program aims at educating students in a multidisciplinary approach combining cell and molecular biology, biochemistry, structural biology and optical physics. It will thereby fill an important gap in postgraduate education in the Berlin area in the field of membrane biology. In addition, the RTG provides an excellent framework to integrate research and postgraduate education between the participating universities and non-university research institutions.

Principal Investigator

Prof. Dr. Helge Ewers, Freie Universität Berlin


Dr. Sandra Maria Keiper

Phone: + 49 30 838-67279

E-mail: sandra.keiper[at]fu-berlin.de

Office hours: on appointment (via email)