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New as a doctorate candidate?

Welcome to the Integrated Research Training Group (RTG) of the CRC 958!

What are the first steps?

1. Payment

Check that your supervisor can give you payment for the whole time of your doctorate! Perhaps you get a contract of employment.

Or you can apply for a PhD fellowship of the RTG for starting your work (3 - 12 months). Mind that the application procedure takes its time (at least 1 month). For details see PhD fellowships

2. Be a member of the RTG

What you get:

  • contact to other doctoral researchers
  • more information about the CRC 958 and the study program for doctoral candidates
  • Interdisciplinary Lecture Series, Summer School, Network Meetings & other worthful events

What to do:

  • register for the integrated RTG with this form

3. Enrolment

If you are not member of the Freie Universität (or Humboldt Universität, Universität Potsdam,...) as an employee, you must register as a doctoral student and get enrolled.

You need to contact the doctoral degree office belonging to your department. For the Department of Biology, Chemistry and Pharmacy at Freie Universität Berlin you can find details here.

You can decide to join a PhD study program which gives you a deeper education and leads you to a PhD degree.

Our RTG cooperates with the PhD program Biomedical Sciences (BMS) of the Dahlem Research School (DRS). Alternatively you may choose the PhD program Molecular Science DRS.

You have to apply for these programs. For details see study program.

If you have further questions, please contact:

Simone Schlender (she/her)
coordinator of the RTG

Or one of the PhD student speakers:

  • Svenja Bolz, PhD student at FMP, AG Haucke
  • Felicitas Brüntgens, PhD student at Charité, AG Schmitz
  • Jennifer Woitkuhn, PhD student at FU Berlin, AG Sigrist