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A27 - Synaptic scaffolds regulating cholinergic Drosophila synapses

Prinzipal Investigator

Prof. Dr. David Owald, Charité Berlin

Project A27 investigates how postsynaptic scaffolds can confer static or dynamic properties to cholinergic synapses that need to relay information or plastically adapt during memory processes. We identified five scaffolding proteins, DREP2, CDEP, Dlg, SIF1 and Coracle, of which at least two are differentially distributed between static and dynamic synapses, while Dlg, but not CDEP, is needed for plasticity-mediated mechanisms. Using the genetic power of Drosophila combined with state-of-the art proteomics, superresolution microscopy, time-lapse in vivo imaging and behavioral assays, we will here test how individual scaffolding proteins regulate plastic or static cholinergic synapses.


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