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Family Friendly Measures

The SFB 958 implements various measures in order to support its members in the pursuit of their scientific career and to make the workplace more family-friendly.

  • The SFB supports scientists with children offering flexible working hours. 
  • In cooperation with Kids Mobil we are also able to offer a flexible and mobile childcare service to our members
    (contact: Christiane Radtke, E-Mail: kidsmobil@diebildungspartner.de, Phone:(030) 970 028 86). 
  • Moreover several family rooms or toy boxes for hire for your office are available at FU Berlin, Charité and DIfE . 
  • The SFB can even cover the costs for IT-equipment for home office including laptop or desktop PC. The equipment certainly remains property of the university. 
  • In case of family-related absences, such as parental leave or dependent care, project leaders on maternity or parental leave have the option to be relieved from project-specific routine tasks (including project management) by qualified temporary support staff. The same may also apply for regular project research staff.

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The SFB 958 is aware of the importance to the provision of equal opportunities.

Much emphasis is put on increasing the career qualifications of early-career female researchers and

the number of female researchers at the project management level.

These measures are also in keeping with the DFG's Research-Oriented Standards on Gender Equality

(See DFG toolbox for Gender Equality in Research and Academia). 

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