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Events 2022

SFB 958 Retreat

SFB 958 Retreat (Cancelled)

As the Retreat in 2019 had to be postponed due to the onset of the COVID19 pandemic, we rescheduled the Meeting for March 2020 at the Ostseehotel in Dierhagen. However, due to spontaneously changed COVID19-related restrictions the event had to be cancelled again. You can find the preliminary program here.

SFB 958 Retreat (Accomplished)

In August 2020, we were finally able to hold our Retreat and spend three days at the Kloster St. Marienthal in Ostritz, close to the Polish border. To make up the for the past years, socializing in person was an important focal point of this meeting. You can find the program here.

SFB 958 Special Seminar

  • Moshe Parnas (Tel Aviv University, Israel)
    "Muscarinic Receptors, Voltage Dependence and Olfactory Coding in Drosophila"
  • Sebastian Hofer (Institute of Molecular Biosciences, University Graz, Austria)
    “Polyamines mediate the effects of intermittent fasting"