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Events 2019

SFB 958 Mini-Symposium

 On August 21st 2019, we held a Mini-Symposium on the occasion of the SFB 958 funding extension being approved. In addition to the talks we had a Barbeque to celebrate.


  • Annette Hammes (A09)
  • Michael Krauss (A11)
  • Francesca Bottanelli (A25)
  • David Owald (A27)

SFB 958 Special Seminar

  • Henrique von Gersdorff (Oregon Health & Science University Portland, USA)
    "I know why the caged bird sings: Resurgent sodium currents in motor neurons"
  • Carsten Duch (Johannes Gutenberg Universität, Mainz)
    “Distinct Presynaptic Functions of Drosophila Cav1 and Ca2 channels”